Will Parker in OKLAHOMA!:

“Not only does he look and sound like the (good ol’) boy-next-door, but the charming Hartt School Musical Theater grad proves himself a quintessential musical theater song-and-dance man, a bona fide find whose PCPA debut will hopefully be but the first of many SoCal appearances.” Steven Stanley, StageScene LA

“… sweet but dim cowboy Will Parker (Jake Delaney) makes for some of the biggest laughs of the entire production.” -Blake Harper, Santa Barbara Independent

Bobby Child in CRAZY FOR YOU:

IMG_5961“Delaney is quick to impress with his tap dancing skills, and Tucker charms the audience with her beautifully sweet voice. But what’s even more noteworthy is that Delaney and Tucker both showcase an impressive trifecta of dancing, acting, and singing talent throughout the entire show.” Kim Barger, RowLSeat1

“Jake Delaney had real charm and style in both his singing as well as his dancing as Bobby Child, banker turned theater producer/musical hero.” – Marsha Wagner, Sanibel-Captiva Islander

“Delaney charms the audience from the first time he appears onstage.”   – Kelli Curtin, Theatre Sensation


Don Lockwood in SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN:

“Throughout the musical, Danny Boman as Cosmo Brown and Jake Delaney as Don Lockwood sing and dance their way into our hearts… The two play off each other in a delightful way.  What a treat to have them.” – Pat Robbennolt, Crossville Chronicle

“The couch-tipping, tap-dancing, vocals-belting Delaney is very reminiscent of Gene Kelly.”  –  Jan Sellers, Crossville Chronicle



George Bailey in A WONDERFUL LIFE:

AWonderfulLifeStarsDutchApple“Delaney has a nice dry  wit and nice chemistry with Katherine Walker Hill, who plays his wife, Mary…” – Jane Holahan, Lancaster Online

“Delaney is immensely likable in this role. Instead of trying to imitate Jimmy Stewart who played the role in the movie, Delaney makes this role his own.”  – Kelli Curtin, Theatre Sensation

“Jake Delaney’s George Bailey won’t make you think of Jimmy Stewart, but he’s enthusiastic, he’s talented, and you probably wouldn’t pay to hear Jimmy Stewart sing and dance. Delaney’s great at both.” Marakay Rogers,